At The Unit our highly qualified, experienced and motivated trainers are always there to help you on your fitness journey. We are an authentic CrossFit gym and expert personal trainers. On this we are uncompromising. This means that you will learn correct technique and constantly be challenged. You will become strong, and you will get better.


You will find a great community of friends sharing the same fitness journey. Our members range from elite athletes to weekend warriors to mums & dads. There are lots of different fitness and experience levels, and also lots of different reasons why people are training.

We are bound by striving to be better, and no matter what your story, you will find people to train with at your level. The training is hard, but we are all in it together!

We have been so lucky to enjoy many events with our members & with our community. A few of these include Tough Mudder, Climbing Croagh Patrick, Our famous Defibrillator day and many more...