I decided it was time for a lifestyle change and that I was going to try to get fit as I was not getting any younger and felt if I left it any longer it would only make the task more difficult. I saw posts on Facebook of CrossFit classes in the Unit and thought this might be something I would enjoy.

I tried out a class and can honestly say it was far removed from any type of class or team environment I was familiar with. The sense of comradery and positive support from the other members was a new experience for me.

I first joined The Unit CrossFit classes in October 2016. My aim was to lose weight and get fit. Colin and Keith assured me I’d achieve my goals. I went from 15 1/2 stone to 12 1/2 in less than 12 months, this includes substantial muscle growth and I got fit enough to enter some CrossFit competitions!

It has been a fantastic experience with no two classes the same. The coaches, Keith, Amanda, Rob and Colin, are so helpful and will guide you along as you progress. Everyone works to their own level and over time some friendly rivalries always help to keep you on your toes! To anyone thinking of joining – give it the time and you won’t be sorry...