The before photograph was that “Oh my god” moment that made me decide I needed to change my life as I did not want to be the person in that picture any longer. From there I sent an email to The Unit to Book in for a consultation.

Initially my goal was just to lose weight (2 Stone) and then improve my fitness a little. After meeting Colin and Aga at The Unit in Claregalway it was clear they understood what was required for me to achieve my goals in a measured and safe manner (as I’m no longer a spring chicken) so I signed up for a personal training program.

The program included a detailed tailored nutrition and workout plan to be worked on over a 12 week timeframe but it also needed to be flexible to accommodate my occupation which required considerable travel. The team made it clear to me that to achieve the goals I set myself would require considerable commitment to stick to the plan and there would be difficult times ahead as I started the program (No Pain No Gain).

After 4 weeks I could start to see and feel the changes which spurred me on to be even more committed and get to a weight that I had not seen since my late twenty’s which is where I am today. Importantly as part of this process I have also improved my fitness and strength beyond my expectations which in turn has the added benefit of improved energy levels to help me deal with a very busy schedule and who knows but I might just have added a few more years to my lifeline.

This is one of the best things I have done and I could not have done it without the knowledge and expertise of Aga Moskwa to guide me through the process without killing myself or worse embarrassing myself in the unfamiliar environment of the gym for someone in their 50’s. Thanks Aga.