Tom, aged 52, made a decision January 2016 that his lifestyle needed to change. He was extremely unhealthy to the point that he struggled to walk up the. Regular day to day activities such as getting in and out of his car was also cumbersome.

Tom wanted to become healthier not only for himself but for his five very active children.Watching his children from the sidelines is now a thing of the past for Tom.

As he progresses through the weeks, Tom and the personal trainer at The Unit constantly moved the goalposts and set new targets. On the 9th of July 2016, Tom along with 20 other members of The Unit including three of his children completed Tough Mudder.


Some of the aspects of Tom’s training programme that he found beneficial were:

  • The flexibility of the personal training times. This allowed him to fit his training in around his work and other commitments.
  • The amount of time that went into tailoring his nutrition, from his first one hour assessment to ongoing adjustments throughout the course of his training plan, taking out foods that did not suit and adjusting portion sizes etc.
  • The initial time that was given to teaching him the correct form and technique for new exercises which has given him the confidence to use heavier weights along with speeding up recovery from workouts.

The facts about Tom's progress:

  • He started personal training at The Unit in January 2016 weighing 146kgs.
  • He started Tough Mudder training in April weighing 121 kgs.
  • He completed Tough Mudder in July weighing 109 kgs.
  • He started Crossfit in August weighing 103 kgs.

"For years I thought about getting fit but did nothing – I really want to encourage anyone who can relate to my story to just go and do it. The rewards outweigh the effort so much that I don’t know why I left it so long. Not only do I feel better, my business is benefiting because I have more energy."

Tom is in a much better place but as he says he’s “still not there yet”. He has now taken up crossfit 3 times a week with two of his teenagers.