After having a baby I was finding it difficult to get into shape. Having tried working out myself in a gym and downloading nutrition plans I was struggling to see any improvement. I saw a post on Facebook about personal training in the Unit and I booked in for a consultation.

My experience at the unit gym has been so rewarding, I met with Aga and discussed my current nutrition and training experience.I was asked about foods i like and those that I would prefer to avoid. The nutrition plan was hard to stick to at the start but once you prepare and have everything you need it becomes a life style and is easy to follow. The sessions are tough you really push yourself, Aga always has everything prepared and regularly adjusts the training program.

I was shocked myself with the results I got so fast and I can’t thank the team at the Unit enough. I’m nearly at my goal now and I look forward to my sessions and feel so good after.I could not recommend this service enough to anyone thinking about personal training.